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Sit back and enjoy some of my creative writing -- short-shorts, short stories, and even a few poems and haiku!

Here's one to get you started. You'll find others on the pages that follow.



A small cottage stood at the end of a lane.

It was painted a very pale green, and its trim was white.

So were the louvered shutters, which covered the window.

On the porch – with its baluster of white –

stood a rocking chair, also white.


Beneath the shuttered window was a bed of irises,

and they were blooming.

Some were purple, some were lavender, and some were magenta.

Their tall, slender leaves arose between them as if to frame them

against the louvered shutters.


I walked onto the porch and sat in the chair,

which was cushioned with a pillow covered in an iris print.

leaned my head against its back and closed my eyes.

All my thoughts and worries drifted away.

Soon, warmed by the sun’s rays, I fell asleep.


I might have slept the day away,

except that a gentle hand shook my shoulder

and a melodious voice spoke to me:

“Why, you look right at home, here, at Ayame.

Let’s go inside, and I’ll show you the rest.”


“Ayame is the Japanese name for the blood iris,

the purple ones you see under the window,”

she explained as she unlocked the door.

“The previous owner loved all irises

and filled the cottage and garden with them.”


Sure enough, the white beaverboard paneling

Bore a tapestry illustrating a field of irises,

while the plates and teacups bore

botanical prints of a half-dozen varieties.

Accent stripes on curtains were the color of irises.


I bought the pale green cottage with the irises

and moved in my white wicker furniture

with its iris print cushions

and my Lena Liu iris print.

Here, I flourish amidst the iris blossoms.



For jjpr

who inspires me


© 2010, virginiatolles