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I would like to help you with your writing projects.  Have you noticed that, when you read back over something you wrote a long time in the past, you catch mistakes that you did not see when you were working on the piece? That is because we writers see what is supposed to be on the page, rather than what is actually there. And, so, those careless mistakes slip right past us.  That is why we need a second pair of eyes to review our work. Yes! Just as "two heads are better than one," two pairs of eyes are better than one pair of eyes.

Let me tell you about a mistake I made when I looked for that second pair of eyes. I asked my husband to review a short story I had written. "Well, what did you think of it?" I asked, perhaps a bit too anxiously. "It's good. I like it," he replied. That did not tell me what I needed to know. When I pressed him about how he really viewed my story, I began to realize that he really did not think it was very good, and he really did not like it. He just did not want to tell me so and make me unhappy. And, yet, I needed to hear that it wasn't very good and that a reader would not like it. I needed complete honesty, and that is something we tend not to receive from our families and friends, who want to encourage us in our writing efforts.

Enter the Line Editor!

True, I want to encourage you in your writing efforts, but I also want to help you make your writing project ready to go to press. I will give your manuscript my complete attention in order to catch the typographical and style errors. I also will look for sentence structure issues to ensure that the reader comprehends your composition as you intended it.

Will you be required to accept my changes? No. Of course not. I am only an advisor -- that second pair of eyes -- to bring points to your attention to help you make your final decisions.


So, let's get started! Just leave me a message on the contact form, briefly describing your project, and I'll get back to you to discuss the particulars.

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