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Partial screen capture of the home page of Remembering Jack Lord

I began developing and maintaining websites in 2006, with the publication of Tales Along the Way Home. Since then, I have designed several, for both work and for play. Currently, in addition to this website, The Wordsmith's Page, I have only one other, Remembering Jack Lord.

Remembering Jack Lord

Yes, that Jack Lord, best known as McGarrett, who was larger than life as he ran down the front steps of 'Iolani Palace, leaped into the triple-black Mercury Park Lane, and sped off in pursuit of criminals ranging from mobsters to foreign agents. The actor who portrayed the top cop from the mainland to Singapore is even more inspiring than his television character.

Remembering Jack Lord has been my "baby" since 2010, when it became a spinoff of my first website, Memories of Hawaii Five-0. It all came about when a fellow Five-0 fan said of Memories, "This is no Five-0 site; it's a Jack Lord site!" I looked through the pages and saw that he was right! And, so, I gave Jack his own site and learned what historical research is all about. It wasn't as simple as opening a book and reading about him. No one had written one, although a woman (not I, no thank you) is working on one, now. I had to dig for sources. Fortunately, fellow fans were able to direct me to some of the best of them. Today, Remembering Jack Lord continues to grow and to enjoy a steady following.

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Memories of Hawaii Five-0

Here is a screen capture of one of the later home pages of Memories of Hawaii Five-0, which I closed in 2014. I have included the important pieces of information from this site in the section of Hawaii Five-0 on Remembering Jack Lord. It was a great site, but, as the Bible says, "No one can serve two masters." Sure enough, I wasn't serving either one very well. One needed to go, and I think I closed the right one.