Here's the hard part: how to begin. I try to find the right words but can think only of how other writers have begun their works. Obviously, I can't use those. 

Let me tell you about the picture on the left. It was taken at a lu'au in Hawai'i about 10-1/2 years ago. My husband is in the original picture, but I cropped him out in order to use the picture on my websites. So far, he hasn't complained (Thank you, C). Anyway, that's the ocean you see behind me. Quite frankly, I think the worn straw hat looks more like something an old southern woman would wear, than a Hawaiian one, but it's all I had, so . . .  I still have it, but it's packed away in storage. I miss my worn straw hat.

I can tell you how I started writing. It was a short story, which I started but never finished, when I was eight or nine years old. It was called "Jackie, the Pelican" and was about my cousin and me darting about, having adventures, while she was visiting me. I suppose we were pelicans. No others entered into the story.  In any case, I wrote the story on adding machine tape. I still have it, but it's also packed away in storage.

As you can imagine, since adding machines went out many years ago, I'm now a grandmother of three. They are good children, although they are growing up entirely too quickly. My grandson learned to play the standing bass. Now, he is learning to play the piano. I gave him my piano. Best thing I ever did! His sister is an artist and very talented for her tender years. I see her going far with her art. My youngest granddaughter likes mysteries. I've ordered a Nancy Drew book, "The Secret of the Golden Pavilion," which was written to celebrate Hawai'i becoming our fiftieth state. I hope she will like it.

Well, there you have it. I'm a pretty basic person, who likes to write but isn't about to win any awards. 



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