My Favorite Poems

Now, the weekend is upon us.
Lower the top. Let wind blow through.
On the country lane, spew dust.
Savor sunlight, morning dew.

Enjoy the rain. Enjoy the sun.
Go out the door and have some fun.
Take a walk. Engage in play.
Have yourself a wonderful day!

When the muses strike

and the words come

and the story begins

to write itself


When ideas congeal

like a salad of schemes

and the deeds of men

are etched in bold


Then fingers fly

and keyboards chatter

and printers whine

as pages spew forth


My mind is benign

My fingers throb

My eyes are bleary

But I don’t mind


An opus has been born.

All poems written by Virginia Tolles

(c) 2011-2020, Virginia Tolles. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2011 - 2020, Virginia Tolles. All rights reserved.

Banner Photograph: DDZPhotos / Pixabay