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No, I haven't written as many books as Mr. Banks shows in his photograph, above. Actually, I have written five and published four. You read an excerpt from A Part of Me on the Welcome page, and you will find excerpts from Tales Along the Way Home and Living on a Wing and a Prayer on the Writing page. I hope you will stop by those pages and read those excerpts.

My first completed novel, Living on a Wing and a Prayer, did not publish in the days before self-publishing became available. So many people helped me with my research for that book that I tried everything in my power to find an agent and a publisher. Three publishers liked it; they just did not think it would have a sufficiently large market to justify the expense of publishing it. So sad.

I published Tales Along the Way Home through a print-on-demand publisher. It is out of print, although the odd copy seems to pop up on Amazon and about. 

The cover seems to be symbolic of the story line with the sunlight emerging to drive the clouds of darkness away. I like Tales very much, especially the characters, although it did not sell well.

I published A Part of Me through another print-on-demand publisher. It is still available, both in hard copy and on Amazon Kindle.

A Part of Me is an anthology of short stories, poems, and the like. It is nice to have for a little bedtime reading, I think.

More a Part of Me is the sequel to A Part of Me. More good bedtime reading. It is available only on Amazon Kindle. No hard copy was ever printed.

The Train Home tells the story of two families, one traveling together on an excursion train, the other that became estranged through a sad misunderstanding. The characters in both families are delightful, the history of the original railroad is fascinating, and the resolution quite satisfying.

Because I wrote The Train Home as a novella, I published it only on Amazon Kindle (Publishers don't like novellas). 


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I'd like to share a few thoughts with you about writing and publishing books:

*  Write from your heart. Only then can you feel what your characters are feeling and, thus, react as they would react.

*  Stop the book before you go too far. In both Living on a Wing and a Prayer and Tales Along the Way Home, I kept going. Why? I loved the stories and characters and didn't want them to end. But they needed to end when the conflicts had been resolved. If you want or need to keep going for your own satisfaction, then start a new document and write about your characters for your own rest and recreation.

*  If at all possible, ask people you know to recommend a good publisher, especially if you are going through a print-on-demand publisher. As with everything, some are better than others. Read reviews and check the BBB reports, but place more emphasis on the word of people you know.

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