Riding the Rails

My Wish List









Mark Levisay, Creative Commons License 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons



* I wish Amtrak would use names, not numbers, for its short-distance trains.

The long-distance trains have names; e.g., Southwest Chief and City of New Orleans. The short-distance trains, primarily along the Northeast Corridor, have only numbers, even when the predecessor railroads used names for the same routes. How much better Twilight Shoreliner sounds than Numbers 65 and 66. One wants to ride the Twilight Shoreliner, while one merely accepts Numbers 65 and 66.

* I want to ride VIA Rail Canada trains from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Canadian (also known as Train 1, but who remembers the number?) has been on my wish list for many years. Now, I want to add The Ocean, which runs from Halifax to Montreal, then pick up a VIA Rail corridor train to get me to Toronto to catch The Canadian. I have friends along this route. My doctor grew up in and studied in Nova Scotia. I have a Multiply friend in Toronto, a YouTube friend in Calgary, and a Hawaii Five-0 friend in Vancouver. Old Mike has been trying to talk me into moving to Canada for years! If this country keeps going the way it is, I just might take him up on that suggestion. LOL

* I want to ride Amtrak's California Zephyr through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado.

I fell in love with this route when I stumbled upon two YouTube videos on the subject. The first was a fast-film road trip courtesy of Freeway Jim. The second was a rail journey that meandered slowly along the Colorado River and lulled me into love with the scenery. One day!!!

* I want to ride Amtrak's Empire Builder through the Cascades and Big Sky Country.

When the train stops in Essex, Montana, I want to get off and spend a night at the Isaac Walton Inn and tour their small collection of rail cars. I believe you can even sleep in the cars. Must do some research before I take this trip.

There are other trips I could name, but these are the highlights of my wish list. My husband wants to ride Amtrak's Coast Starlight between Los Angeles and Seattle. I could go for that.

Amfleet I - Mark Levisay - creativecommo