• Virginia Tolles

Ah! Now, I Understand -- or Do I?

After following a vlogger on YouTube for about nine months, I learned something about vlogging that really put it all into very unpleasant perspective. It all came about when my responses to several of her strokes of bad luck were met with rebuff. Quite frankly, she let it be known that she did not consider us to be friends, nor did she want encouragement as she got over her bad strokes of luck.

I couldn't understand it. I still can't. After all, she had welcomed us, her viewers, into her home and let us meet her husband, four children, two dogs, and two cats. We had come to know them all by name. She had let us attend their birthday parties and graduations. She had shown us how to prepare quick-and-easy meals. She had let us watch her redecorate several rooms in her home. Why, I felt like she considered us to be her YouTube family.

And, then, another YouTube vlogger explained it all. While shut in his camper on a rainy day in the Yukon, he explained how he edits videos and told us a little bit about what YouTube expects to see in videos. The answer to the first-mentioned vlogger's behavior came about when he said YouTube expects drama, especially tearful drama: "Oh, my camping trip has been ruined by the rain. I can't even see the mountains through the fog." Well, you get the picture.

So, it's all an act! Turn the camera on, flash a few bright smiles, and turn the camera off. Were she and her family members really ill last month? I don't know, but I do know I prayed for them, and I sent them a cheery get-well gift. Why do I feel like that gift has already found its way into the donations box at the local charity shop?

It's just another chapter and verse in the ongoing saga of fake news. So sad. So very sad.


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