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Be Happy in these Troubled Times

I don't know about you, but I'm having troubled dreams that center around the unrest that is going on in the country and the world. Some have been outright nightmares, such as one in which an office in which I once worked exploded. Most, however, just leave me feeling ill at ease.

This can't continue. I can't let myself be miserable just because some extremists think they have the right to dictate how everyone on planet earth thinks, feels, eats, drinks, etc., so forth, and so on.

So, what is the cure? I've decided to find happiness. For example, I was watching some YouTube videos when I came upon two really happy, inspiring ones. I hope you'll enjoy them.

In the first one, a man makes kids welcome on his driveway.

In the second one, a squirrel surprises the UPS man.

And, then, there are two of my favorite pictures that I took on our trip to the Islands in 2009 (see the pictures, above and below). Taken looking in either direction from a point near where McGarrett's beach house used to stand, they make me happier than any other pictures that I took.

Be well, be happy, be safe. Keep the faith. Keep the peace.

Remember what Mother Teresa said: "Peace begins with a smile."

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