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Cease Striving

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In a video, a young woman gave an accounting of her early adult years. She recalled having serious arguments with her mother, moving out of her mother's home and in with a friend, losing that apartment when her friend moved away, having to move back in with her mother, and the heartache of breaking up with her boyfriend.

Finally, with the help of wise friends, she came to realize she had to stop looking to others to make her happy and to start being true to herself. She left her low-paying sales job and took a position as an editor for a start-up company. She wasn't making a huge salary, but she was making more than she had, enough to start saving to move out of her mother's house.

She moved into a small apartment that wasn't exactly in a highly sought-after neighborhood, but she made it her home. She used peel-and-stick paper and flooring to move the flat out of the 20th century and into the 21st. She began buying furniture that suited her and let her express her own personality.

In time, she met the young man she would marry. She went into the relationship with the ties to home already broken, with her sense of identity and self-worth already established, and such life lessons as the value of a dollar already learned. I have no doubt but that she and her new husband entered marriage with their heads on straight, their wits gathered about them, and their ability to handle life's challenges firmly in place.

Here is the interesting part: She credited her progression in life not to her own hard work, but to her growing faith in Our Heavenly Father. She learned to stop relying on others and even on herself to make her happy and to start allowing God to work in her life. For that, she deserves the biggest BRAVO! of all.

Does it really work that way? You'd better believe it! The Bible tells us to "cease striving." That is what it means. Leave it in the Lord's hands. He has resources that we could never have on our own. He also has the knowledge and the wisdom that we lack. He knows how the little brush strokes will come together to paint the Big Picture. Think about it.

Watch the video: Girl and the Word.

Read more about it: Brett. "What It Means to Cease Striving." Simply in the Suburbs: Intentional Living in the Land of Distractions. May 1, 2017.

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