• Virginia Tolles

Cherish Your Keepsakes

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Keep your keepsakes. Remember, a house is just four walls. It is a home when it is filled with our hearts and souls.

I know it is popular these days to trim away the excess and keep only the essentials. Frankly, I think some people take it too far. Marie Kondo trims way back, but she does tell us to keep the things that bring us joy. Nothing brings joy like having our favorite things gathered around us. Whether it is something you snagged on your last dime or an heirloom from your grandmother's home, if it makes house feel like home, keep it!

Of course, there are things that definitely should be sorted through and trimmed back. The best way to decide which is which is to follow the long-given advice: Set up four boxes and label them Keep, Sell, Give Away, and Throw Away. Every item should fit into one of those boxes. Just one piece of advice here: Don't donate junk to charity organizations. They can't use worn and faded items or broken down washing machines. Apply the Golden Rule: Do under others as you would have them do unto you.

And, when the excess has been eliminated, settle back and enjoy your keepsakes. I'll bet you'll find that you've even forgotten that you owned some of them.

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