• Virginia Tolles

First Solo Flight

While at closing on our new house this morning, I saw a very interesting drawing on the wall. It was in honor of one of the law partners' first solo flight. It showed a plane turning onto final, its flaps lowered. Wording said the landing took place at MKL (the regional airport in Jackson, TN, on July 24, 1994. An interesting aside is that the partner who was leading our closing told us that the soloist became afraid during that flight and never flew again. That's sad!

I remember when old AJ gave me the controls of his single-engine Piper and told me to fly. I was petrified! I begged him to take over the controls, and he did, and I've kicked myself ever since for not letting him teach me how to fly. He'd have been glad to teach me. I missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Silly me!


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