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Good Morning, Miss Merry Sunshine!

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I'm turning cartwheels (mental ones, anyway)! Miss Merry Sunshine has returned following four very bleak and dreary days. How beautiful she is as she casts her golden rays across the frosty lawn.

No, I'm not a winter person. Oh, I know winter is a natural part of life, every bit as natural as my favorite season, springtime. But winter gets me down, and these days, with so much dreary news, I really don't think I can afford to give winter too much attention.

That is why I am bringing on springtime early. I'm posting springtime pictures of flowers and my animal neighbors. Goodness knows I have plenty of pictures of flowers I've grown. Tropical flowers that flourished amazingly well in my then-sub-tropical location. You've already seen a picture of Mr. Squirrel, who lived in the courtyard where I lived before, and Mr. Blue Bird, who lives on my banner. I'll find a good picture to represent Mr. Blue Jay, who also shared the courtyard.

I bought a bulletin board to go over my desk. It's one of the cloth ones with ribbons arranged in criss-cross fashion to hold pictures. I plan to print 3"x5" pictures of favorite people, places, and things from happier times. I'll post a picture of Missy Volvo (my 1996 Volvo 850 GLT, whom I dearly miss) and one of Miss StarLifter (the first C-141 that made her maiden flight on December 17, 1963, the 60th anniversary of Wilbur and Orville Wright's first successful flight. Lockheed sent me that picture in a time long before they merged with Martin.

I'll post a picture of "That's All Brother," the DC-3/C-47 that led the Allied air invasion of Normandy on D-Day in June 1944. I had the honor of flying aboard her when she made tourism stops before flying to England for the 75th anniversary celebration of D-Day. I wanted just one more flight aboard a DC-3. You see, I used to fly on them when I went off to college. Within a few years, Southern Airways replaced them with DC-9s, which I still love to this day, so I'll post a picture of one of those, too.

Then, I'll post a picture of an Electromotive Division E-8 locomotive in its Illinois Central livery. That's how the City of New Orleans looked in the days when I rode it to visit my grandparents. And I'll post pictures to remind me of my train trip in Mexico (read about it on the Riding the Rails page). I'd better get busy. I have a lot of pictures to print.

Yes, life's too short to dwell on dark and dreary skies and sad and troubling thoughts. I cannot allow myself to give in to them. Springtime is coming early this year, for me. I hope for you, too!

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