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How Much to Tell?

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I wrote two articles a few weeks ago. They told quite a bit about me. Too much? I decided they did and took them down. My daughter told me that she liked them. I'm glad she did, but, she's my daughter, and she's allowed to know more about me.

Just how much should one tell about one's self? I have no earthly idea! I do know that I follow a woman on YouTube who posts videos about herself and her family. We even know her pets' names. We were shown videos taken at two of her children's weddings. We've watched the family renovate several rooms in their home. It is the most heart-warming channel I've ever seen. Why? The people and pets are real! The tween son, who used to make antics in front of the camera is growing shy in front of the camera. That's about as normal as it gets! She has wondered whether she should have done one or two things differently in the renovation of her kitchen. Also as normal as it gets.

We redid our kitchen last fall, and I've already wondered if I should repaint the cabinets, sell the stove and refrigerator and buy second-hand ones with the features I wish I had (I'm not into today's computerized everything), and replace the flooring in the rest of the house with what we put in the kitchen. Needless to say, I won't do any of those things. In the final analysis, I like the kitchen the way we did it -- but I have wondered.

I'm not sure how I should end this blog. Maybe the answer is that I should write my blogs the way I wrote this one, by telling more about how I live my life and less about what resides in my soul. I don't know. Aren't they one and the same? On some level they are.

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