• Virginia Tolles

Hug a Basset

C Solingsmith / Pixabay

A friend said the elephant is her favorite animal. It's easy to see why. They're so patient and gentle -- within reason, I'm sure, although I've only had contact with them at the zoo.

So, I began to ponder my favorite animal. Yes, I love birds and squirrels, but my favorite long has been and continues to be the Basset Hound. Once, I had a Basset. Today, I only have a very small collection of figurines.

I first came to know Bassets when I was in the sixth grade. One who lived in the neighborhood came onto the school grounds during recess to be near us children. He wouldn't let us get too close to him or hug him, but he liked to be with us. I loved his sad eyes and long ears. I wanted one, but my parents preferred Cockers, so I was an adult before I had a Basset -- Chip.

That lovable dog had a baritone bark that surely drove the neighbors to distraction. He loved pizza and would devour it all if he had half a chance. He had a keen sense of who could be trusted and was quick to plant himself between me and someone he didn't trust. He loved to ride in the car and, in those pre-pet carrier days, leaned over the back of the front seat and watched the road ahead.

I think I'll go over to Ebay and see if I can find a nice addition to my figurine collection.

Be well, be happy, be safe. Keep the faith! Keep the peace! Hug a Basset.

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