• Virginia Tolles

It Had to Happen

Flanoz, Creative Commons license 0 via Wikimedia Commons

Evidence is emerging that online creators on YouTube and other venues are burning out. Some are even experiencing emotional upsets. Perhaps, more are running out of fresh ideas and are becoming repetitive in their posts. It had to happen.

Perhaps, the posters with the greatest chance of repetition are those who began by redecorating their homes and shopping at thrift shops. Their homes are now, after more than a year, fully decorated. What else can they do? If they start over, do they discredit their original work? As for shopping in thrift shops, how often will people watch someone walk through stores, glance at this item and that, then show what they bought when they get home?

Is there a cure? Can an online creator reinvent himself or herself? It would be difficult without losing one's audience and having to find a new audience, and that would drastically affect the numbers on which they are paid.

Several online posters discuss the causes of airplane crashes. I'm heavily into aviation -- which may one day be reflected on this website -- but I don't want to watch crash after crash. I still haven't recovered from seeing pictures of the plane that lost an engine on its takeoff roll and went down with its portside wing to the ground near Chicago back in the 1970s.

One of those posters is very interested in general aviation, especially with vintage single-engine aircraft. That provides a welcome change from crashes, but it's an area that's altogether different from commercial aviation, from the FAA rules that govern it on down. It was interesting to learn, however, that a movement is on to have the FAA insist on improved training for private pilots. That is essential if the soaring rate of private plane crashes is to be lassoed and brought under control.

If there is a common denominator in these posts, it is that viewers want to learn. They want ideas on how to fix up their homes. They dream of building a log cabin in the woods, even though most will admit that they probably won't do so. They dream of boarding a train and seeing beautiful scenery -- or of simply enjoying the gentle rocking motion as the wheels clickety clack over the railroad tracks.

Whether we are creating or gathering ideas for creating, we are learning and growing and dreaming. We are feeling alive!

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