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Well, I fell for it. I was decorating my She Shed and used an idea propounded by young decorators on YouTube videos. I purchased some lovely botanical prints and simple gold frames. I hung them on either side of my very traditional pink dogwood print, which is displayed in a very traditional antique brass-colored wooden frame.

Clash! Big-time clash! Contemporary and traditional do not go together! The twenty-somethings love flowers as much as I do, but our style of displaying them exists on different planets. The prints came down.

One good thing came from this experience. I was prompted to re-examine my own tastes in interior design. When I did, I realized that I still love Georgian design just as much as I did when I was a twenty-something, and Georgian was all the rage. Along the way, I had been drawn away from it by outside influences.

One house, while Colonial on the outside, was contemporary on the inside. We spent weekends working to replace the contemporary details with Colonial ones. The next house was transitional in style. Although it possessed certain traditional details, it had the open floor plan of modern houses. The house after that was a 1970s ranch-style house on the exterior, but the interior was, again, true to its date of construction. Two very contemporary apartments followed, until, now, I am delving through every available resource to rediscover what Georgian Colonial is all about.

Fortunately, I have not surrendered many of my Georgian Colonial furnishings. I just need to put them back together in period style, recover a few chairs and an ottoman, and put the swags and valances back on the windows. Of course, my favorite curtains are in storage in another state!

I am going back to my roots, as they say, and this time, I do not intend to relinquish them, not for contemporary structure, not to youthful designers, and not even to the passage of time.

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