• Virginia Tolles

Lessons Learned


Well, I finished my writing course today. Passed the final. Put my coursework away for future reference. So, let's see what I learned:

  • I got out of the course what I needed to get out of the course. Questions were answered to help me understand my successes (and lack thereof) as a writer.

  • I should not try to publish books. No matter whether I publish through a mainstream publisher or a print-on-demand one, I would be expected to market the book. No wonderful marketing department is going to do it for me. Since I'm not in a position to travel, give speeches, and organize writing groups, I should accept that writing books will have to be someone else's profession.

  • I've been stuck in a writer's block, because I'm not up to the business of writing and publishing books. No wonder, I wrote well when I was working on MofH50 and RJL, but I couldn't get it in gear to write another book.

  • I could do well writing for magazines. The queries are simpler, the manuscripts are shorter. The magazines handle the marketing end of things. No, the pay isn't as good, but it could be more regular than waiting for the Great American Novel to send those megabucks my way.

Okay, then! Let me pull my magazine writing notes together, see what else I can learn about the business, and decide whether magazine writing just might be for me!


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