• Virginia Tolles

Meet "Amakihi"

Amakihi is a little ceramic finch who sits on my desk. Sometimes, he watches “Inspector Morse” with me. Most times, he supervises my work habits. He doesn’t think much of all the time I spend watching YouTube videos. I found Amakihi in a shop some years back and liked him so much that I bought some of his brothers to give to my children. I hope they still have them.

His name, Amakihi, is the name of a honeycreeper in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Amakihi belongs to the rosefinch family and is only 3.9 inches long. It has more yellow than my Amakihi does. Even so, I think their facial expressions are quite similar. My Amakihi doesn’t seem to mind my naming him after the Hawaiian bird.

Here’s a picture of a Hawaiian Amakihi:

Dennis LaPointe (US Geological Survey, public domain)

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