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New Projects

Have you noticed the decline in new posts on YouTube? Methinketh the posters have ducked under the quarantine radar and are scouring the thrift shops for new projects to make.

I'm not immune. I've just realized that some scrap material left over from making a chair cushion would make a lovely throw pillow to go on my bed. I've also realized that I can have a photograph of the shore on Kahala Beach silk screened onto fabric for another pillow.


It's time to take the heavy spread off the bed and put on the summer weight one. That's a shame. The winter weight one is much prettier. But, no! I will not buy another bedspread! I own too much, already, that I'm not using. Except that I really could use a lightweight throw to lay across the foot of the bed. No! I will use what I have!

Yesterday, a Facebook friend posted an opportunity for friends to sign up to win a Class A motor home. Yes, I certainly did sign up. I'm ready to split this scene and tour the country. I never got the chance to be a hippie. I was too busy trying to play by the rules, as though the rules actually work (they do not!). Of course, going on the road means I will be able to use even fewer of the keepsakes I own. But, then, I wouldn't have housing expenses, except for lot rent, maintenance, and taxes. No mortgage. Yippee!!! I wonder how much the income tax would be on the value of a Class A motor home??? I don't know, but if I win, I'm sure the IRS will be waiting with their hands outstretched: "Your money or your keys."

The same Facebook friend has purchased a really nice Class A motor home. He calls it his ammunition (ammo, he says) against the destruction of this country, which he says is coming. His words are frightening, but when combined with damage done to the economy by the quarantine and the social unrest that has spread not only around the country, but also around the world, he does give me reason to think it might be a good idea to put a certain distance between myself and the establishment.

Okay! So, that means we'll need to be able to live off the grid. We'll need solar panels and all the accessories that go with them (hopefully included); white, gray, and black water tanks (also, hopefully included); a way to organize canned food and drinking water in the basement (that's what they call the storage compartment under the bus); and a way not to look filthy rich when I pull my Class A into a spot beside someone who is sleeping in his car. Something is wrong with this picture. It's ghoulish! Maybe I'd better see if I can fall in behind a line of vintage Greyhound Scenicruisers on their annual pilgrimage across the Desert Southwest.

Whoa! Back to the projects at hand. Take one day at a time, work on some throw pillows, and keep trying to decide whether to take the Fiesta plates or the Blue Willow ones -- when I win the RV, of course. The Fiesta ones, I think. They are tougher. Put some packing foam between them, and they should make the trip. I think I'd want to paint the interior of the RV a light color to dispel the doom and gloom. Why are RVs always done in dark woods and cowboy fabrics? Not for long, mine won't be! I know. I know. I'm counting my chickens before they hatch.

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