• Virginia Tolles

Oh, to Sit and Dream of Days Gone By

Seaq68 / Pixabay

Oh, to spend a day on a winding path

with beautiful vistas and warm, gentle breezes

with billowing leaves and blowing grasses

and a hazy hint of sunshine to warm the air.

Oh, to have a bicycle on which to ride

along that winding path

as I make my way from reality

and into a world that is all my own.

Oh, to sit and recall the day a friend and I

wedged sticks between tree trunks

and wove palmetto leaves and Spanish moss

between the sticks to form the walls of our hideaway.

Oh, to spend a day beside the sea

with the horizon so vast

as to reveal the earth's curvature

as the waters grow darker and deeper.

Oh, to climb over a stone wall and down to the sea

to walk along a beach beside aqua waters

to pick up the odd small bit of coral or seashell

and cause me to yearn to return another day.

Diamond Head Road / Webmaster

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