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President Biden's a Railfan!

Ebgundy, Creative Commons license 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

I just read the “Business Insider” article about Amtrak’s proposed expansion program. It offers much improvement, but they omitted one that has been under consideration for many years, but has lost out due to financial constraints:

Service from Raleigh, NC (connect with the Crescent, as well as Silver Service trains) through Nashville or Chattanooga in TN (connect with new service to Atlanta, GA), through Memphis, TN (connect with the City of New Orleans), Little Rock, AR (connect with the Texas Eagle), Oklahoma City, OK (connect with the Heartland Flyer), and Albuquerque, NM (connect with the Southwest Chief). The Chief, of course would continue the trip on out to Los Angeles.

This would fill a very great void that currently exists through the mid-section of the country. Do hope Amtrak will give this VERY serious consideration.

Read the article:

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