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Renovating During a Pandemic Ain't No Fun, Br'ah!

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You know how paper towels and peanut butter were in short supply after "the sky fell" last March? Well, so are building supplies.

Having to do my shopping online isn't easy, and we'll ultimately have to go and see our selections up front and "in person" before we purchase them -- assuming we can find them in stock. Time and again, we are learning that they are in stock in too low quantities to meet our needs, are back-ordered with no expected arrival date, or are simply not available. If these were rare items, I could understand it, but since when was a GE flat-top range a rare item?

So, after falling short on the amount of flooring we need at one store, I found a different brand at a different store that is available, but only if we rush over and snatch it up now. The problem with that is that we haven't even closed on the house, yet, nor will we for another two weeks. You know what they say: "Don't count your chickens 'til they hatch." Business deals have been known to fall apart at the last minute, and real estate transactions are nothing if not business deals. Since we can always return the flooring to the store, if we have to, I imagine we'll go ahead and buy it while we can get it. That seems far preferably to walking on the sub-floor until the end of time. It's a balancing act of a different nature.

I'm starting a new column in my planning book entitled "Alternative Sources." Something tells me I'll end up buying more alternatives than I would like. Alas!


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