• Virginia Tolles

Riding the Streamliners - C&O

Jeff and Gregory Ackers (Public domain via Wikimedia Commons).

Let's get outta this place and go ride the rails. Whaddaya say?

Don't you just love this mural? It shows a Chesapeake & Ohio EMD E-8 locomotive pulling Pullman railcars. The locomotive consist is A-B. The A unit provides motive power, while the shorter B unit provides electrical power for the cars that follow.

Chessie painted its trains to share the same lines and colors from end to end, giving their trains a crisp, sharp appearance. It's not a theme that is possible today, when cars are of varying heights, but the Streamliners of the late-1930s through the mid-1950s were based on the design.

Meet you at the station 15 minutes before we leave.

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