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Round 2 Begins

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The style of the house was influenced by the Georgian Colonial style of the 17th and 18th centuries. Right? Well, in part. On the exterior, yes, but the kitchen is another matter. It was given French-inspired cabinets.

That was the popular thing to do in the 1960s, when the house was built. Everything was French in those days, inspired by Jackie Kennedy's French heritage. The popular style of furniture was French Provincial. The popular style of door was double French doors. A popular hair style was the bee hive. And on it went.

Now, most of my furniture was inspired by the Georgian style; that is, Queen Anne and Chippendale. In all fairness, I do own a few French-inspired pieces, but not enough to make my home French-inspired.

And, yet, because of those cabinets, I'm not going to be able to pursue my original plan of having a Colonial-inspired kitchen. It all comes together beautifully -- until I reach those cabinets. They just are French-inspired, any way I look at them.

So, I began putting together a French-inspired kitchen, and do you know, it works! I don't have to change the paint colors or the light fixture I so dearly love or the floor we'd chosen or even the counter top. I just have to have a light sage-green accent color instead of a navy-blue one. And I just have to use sets of Croscill valances, which I've owned since the beginning of time, instead of the blue-and-yellow ones I had planned to have made. Presto! The room comes together! Not only that, but it ties in with the colors in my office and the dining room.

Who could ask for anything more?


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