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Some Things I Will Never Understand

Kallerna - Wikimedia Commons - CC license 3.0

I was watching a video recently about a family who built a cabin near a lake. They and their friends erected the cabin, an outhouse, and a workshop -- and then, they brought in a bulldozer to clear the land. Huh???

Isn't that backwards? Shouldn't they clear the land first? Of course, they should! And the proof was in the pudding, for that old dozer was dangerously close to the structures on more than a few occasions.

The same family built the frame and enclosed it, but they did not have wiring, plumbing, insulation, or interior walls when they began hanging the man's treasured animal horns and wood carvings. Huh???

Shouldn't they have finished the walls and then hung the treasures where they could remain? Why put them up if all you're going to do is take them down again to finish construction? I'll be John Brown if I know.

As usual during the course of construction, they took down some trees, some to open the space for construction and some to remove dying trees. And, then, they bulldozed the lower six to eight feet of the trees into a ravine. Huh???

They are in a part of the country where firewood is essential to survival. Why didn't they use a chain saw to cut off all salvageable wood, then push the roots over the ravine? Beats me!

Some things I will never understand.


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