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Summer might be two weeks away, officially, but it has arrived. With it have come the gnats, ants, and mosquitoes. The lavender wreath is on the front door; so far, it is doing a good job of keeping the mosquitoes away. The spray and traps seem to be doing a good job of keeping the ants away. The gnats, on the other hand . . .

To cry "Scat, gnat!" does no good, although some seem attracted to a concoction of apple cider vinegar and dish soap. Others, however, don't seem to be the least bit phased by it. Nor are they attracted to honey, which is a good thing, since ants definitely are attracted to it. They are also attracted to my computer screen, and I've swatted three there. The problem is that the apple cider vinegar has caught ten times as many, and the gnats still abound.

Let's see . . . Only four months until cold weather sends these varmints back to where they belong. But I hate cold weather!

It's not often that I don't miss South Louisiana, where I grew up, but today is one of those days. You see, a tropical storm made landfall down there yesterday. Fortunately, it was only a Category One with winds of about fifty miles an hour. Today, the weather map looks like little more than bands of green and yellow (rain). We get those almost every week; so, not a problem. Generally, though, when the weatherman says the "H" word, it means HURRICANE! It means, "Head to the Hills." It means, "These awning windows would look much better back at the building supply store." It means, "Where's that concrete bunker when you need it?" It means, "I wish they'd built this house twelve feet up." It means . . . Well, you get the idea. This time, I'm about 400 miles away from the action. Good!

Meanwhile, four or five lady cardinals were outside my window a little while ago. It must be their bridge club day. Either that or they are baseball scouts from St. Louis. Nah! It's bridge club day. I'd say they were scouting for the ingredients for the aviary version of tomato aspic and shrimp salad.

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