• Virginia Tolles

The Frustrations of a Webmaster : Changing Seasons

Airstream / Unsplash

If you want to know how many people are visiting your website, you can almost judge by the weather. Is it cold, warm, or hot? Is it snowy, rainy, cloudy, or sunny? If it is cold, snowy, or rainy, you’ll probably have more visitors than if it is warm, cloudy, or sunny.

Let’s face it, people only retreat into the online world when the weather is too bad to let them go out or when they are in highly public places and don’t wish to appear to be staring at those around them. I’ve wondered how often people have missed the Metro because they were glued to their iPhones.

And, then, there’s another factor: If the weather is gorgeous, they’ve probably hitched their Casitas to their Jeeps and are camping in an area where there is absolutely no cell phone signal. None. Nada. Not even with the tallest extension rod and receiver on the planet.

So, let’s let ourselves off the hook, fellow webmasters. It’s not our fault when the viewer numbers dip. They’ll be back just as soon as the weather worsens or a cell tower comes into view. In the meantime, let’s go hitch up our own Casita and Jeep and hit the dusty trail.

“On the road again . . .”*


* Willie Nelson and Bernard Lavilliers. On the Road Again, 1980.

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