• Virginia Tolles

The Language of Woof

Capri23 Auto / Pixabay

Do you speak Woof? It's a good language to know, for it allows us to express all manner of emotions and opinions without being accused of cursing.

I learned Woof from my Basset Hound. Chip had a wonderful bass-baritone voice that added emphasis to his vocal expressions. He could give a long, low woof that added the ultimate emphasis, such as when he wanted to say, "You get me out of this hot yard and into that cool house right now -- or else!"

I have a friend whose German Shepherd taught her to speak Woof. She has health issues that make it essential for her to express that extra level of frustration.

For us mere humans, one woof expresses annoyance, while two woofs express outright anger or the epitome of frustration. I think my friend probably utters two woofs more often than one.

Best of all, our pets tend not to charge the exorbitant fees for instruction that foreign language schools charge. We simply need to read their vocal expressions in relation to what is going on at the time. See if you can persuade your pet to teach you to speak Woof.

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