• Virginia Tolles

The Saga Continues

Anton Darius / Unsplash

Well, the exterminator came, and he did his thing. According to my research on the subject of ridding the premises of ants, he did exactly what he needed to do. So far, so good. We'll see.

Oh, and no. He was not suited up like an astronaut.

As for the gnats, he advised up to put up fly strips. We did, and while we're still seeing some gnats, I don't think there are as many. The exterminator did say it could take a while for the gnats to find the strips. That's probably what's going on. They're finding them, a few at a time.

Where we lived before, mice found their way inside through the dryer vent. Fortunately, they were unable to resist a good piece of cheese in a mouse trap. That problem ended quickly.

Odd, isn't it, how we went for many years without any more pest problems than the occasional fly or mosquito slipping in the door as we came and went. Now, this. Oh, well. We'll keep on keeping on.

Even odder is how we get insects on the brain and feel them even after they've gone away. Why do I think they're holding a concert behind the walls and singing "I've got you under my skin"?


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