• Virginia Tolles

Weeding Out and Transplanting

Michael Dziedzic / Unsplash

I've been working on the website this morning. I weeded out a few items that I don't really like. Sometimes, it seems like I post out of a temporary urge to strike back against something that happened. Not a good thing to put on one's website. Out they went. At other times, I see a blog post that I really like. I can reposition regular posts, but blog posts are where they are; new ones push older ones down the list. Better to transplant them, I think.

The first thing to go was a rather self-critical biography that I posted, of all places, to my home page. I mean, really! One should be modest, but this went beyond that -- and on my home page? What was I thinking that day?

I have a post honoring Donald Douglas that's near the bottom, meaning it was one of my first blog posts. I like it so much that I think I'm going to move it to a new page about airplanes. There, it can maintain a place of prominence. That's the least I can do for Mr. Douglas and his still-beloved family of DC-9 t-tails.

Okay! The weeding's done. Now, let me get busy with the transplanting.

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