• Virginia Tolles

When Airports Had Style

You don't get much more authentic than this, a DC-3 parked before a 1930s art deco terminal (Webmaster)

If you watched David Suchet's Poirot episodes, you will remember two in which he flew aboard 1930s aircraft and the white art deco terminal buildings from which they flew. In the 1930s, safe and feasible passenger air travel was just beginning to find its place in the world of long-distance transportation. At that time, art deco was uber-modern, the way mid-century modern later became and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity today.

These are pictures of New Orleans Lakefront Airport. It was the city's primary airport from the 1920s until the 1950s, when Moisant Airport (now called Louis Armstrong International Airport) opened to accommodate jet travel. Today, Lakefront is a general aviation facility. Even so, it has an air traffic control tower and offers a full rudiment of aviation services.

Front Facade (Webmaster)

Note the extensive use of marble. Other features are aviation-themed murals and angular wrought-iron railings. (Webmaster)

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