This section includes samples of my writing projects, both large and small. Some pieces are included for your reading enjoyment.

*  I tell you a little bit about my joint website, Memories of Hawaii Five-0 / Remembering Jack Lord (www.rememberingjacklord.com). Once separate sites, I've combined them into one with the emphasis on Jack Lord, who did much more in his life than portray McGarrett. 

*  Read an excerpt from my published historical novel, Tales Along the Way Home. It was my therapy after experiencing 9/11 in downtown DC. I don't think I should have published it; it's too intense and personal. As such, I recalled it from the publisher, although the odd copy can still be found out there.

*  Read an excerpt from my unpublished historical novel, Living on a Wing and a Prayer. This, too, is a therapy piece as I sought to come to terms with the Vietnam War and what our returning servicemen were experiencing. It also let me enjoy knowing C-141 pilots. I did -- and do -- love the C-141 StarLifter. This project did not publish despite all my best efforts in those days before self-publishing.

*  Read the complete paper I wrote about obtaining permission to use photographs in our work, especially when the photographers have passed on and their heirs are unknown. What a horrible situation that was! Fortunately, the US Copyright Office has loosened the requirements on photographs taken before 1978. This paper was published on the Loyola University of Chicago's Center for Digital Ethics & Policy website. 

Next, you'll come across my short fiction, pieces I wrote for enjoyment. Two, I wrote based on photographs provided by a Facebook friend. Wasn't it nice of him to share them with me!

Well, let's get started and see how this goes, shall we? It all begins on the next page.


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