In 2009, I started a website entitled Memories of Hawaii Five-0. It included information about both the original show and its star, Jack Lord, and it gained quite a bit of interest.


And, then, a fellow Five-0 webmaster visited the site and said, "This isn't a Five-0 site. It's a Jack Lord site." Wiki wiki quick, I took another look at the site. Sure enough, my fellow Five-0 webmaster was correct. Information about Jack was much stronger than information about the show. So, I gave Jack his own site.

Remembering Jack Lord serves to inform people about the man, not just the actor. We come to know about his advancement from the young and naive boy from Queens to the elder statesman who was asked by both political parties to run for governor of Hawaii (he declined). We come to know about his 49-year marriage to Marie and how she stood behind him in his life and in his career. We come to know about the couple who left their entire estate to benefit the people of Hawaii. Visitors in their teens have remarked that Jack Lord, who passed away before many of them were born, serves as a father figure to them, providing an anchor that life today does not offer.

The beauty goes on from there. Just as the old saw claims "It takes a village to rear a child," it took the contributions of RJL and MofH50 members to make those sites what they became. I can't thank them enough for their warmth and generosity.

I kept Memories of Hawaii Five-0 until last year, when I moved that material to Jack's site. People visit those pages for information about the show, which began production in September 1968 and ended production in December 1979. It continues to air on more than a half-dozen sites, as well as on CBS All Access (You'll find a complete list on Remembering Jack Lord / MofH50). It continues to win awards, too, as TV Land and other sites honor various influences the show had on television programming. It continues to influence society, which still refers to the police as "Five-0." 

We have had visitors from 151 nations (77.43% of the 195 nations recognized by the United Nations). Our greatest number of visitors  in a single day, more than 1,000, came following the death of Rose Freeman, widow of Leonard Freeman, who was the creator and executive producer of Hawaii Five-0. 

I hope you will stop by and read about this man who gave 100 percent to everything he did and achieved great success, all without losing his sense of humanity and caring. Yes, we are Remembering Jack Lord.

Jack's memorial bust at Kahala Mall


The photograph of Jack standing before the Ilikai Hotel was taken by Dave Watson. It is used here with his permission.

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