Riding the Rails


Riding the Texas State Railroad through the Piney Woods of East Texas


If there is anything I like more than airplanes, it's trains, so why haven't I written more about trains than I have about airplanes? I wish I knew. Well, now, I'm going to do something about that.  

I rode my first train, the Illinois Central's City of New Orleans, when I was a child of elementary school age. At about the same time, my class took its end-of-the-year school trip to New Orleans aboard the Kansas City Southern's Southern Belle. And, then, there was a trip between Monterrey and Mexico City aboard 1920s heavyweight cars.

When I was in high school, my cousin, a good friend, and I traveled to my cousin's home to visit before we continued on to my grandparents' home. Then, we walked all the way back to the lounge car. It featured the rounded rear that are called bullet cars. There, we found a bar, where we ordered Cokes and admired the boys. My cousin especially liked the boy with the baby-blue eyes. 

Can you see how my love of trains came to be? And, so, I’ve decided to write about memories of the train trips I have taken. As I've been working on them, I've come to see that I've ridden on quite a few trains in my lifetime, although not all that I wish I'd ridden, though -- long live the bucket list! I  hope you will enjoy my remembrances, even as I work on those still under construction.